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I use Tea Tree Creme wax, which is a warm strip wax, for all waxing treatments. I am very proficient and experienced in this technique and find that it is successful for the vast majority of clients. I maintain strict hygiene standards and try to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Eyebrows   15min   £10

Lip   10min   £8

Chin   10min   from £8

Underarms   15min   £10

Forearms   20min   £15

Full Arm   30min   £18

1/2 Leg   30min   £18

3/4 Leg   30min   £22

1/2 Leg + Back Thigh   30min   £22

Full Leg   45min   £24

Full Leg + Bik   1Hr   £34

Full Leg + Brazilian   1Hr 15min   £40

Full Leg + Hollywood   1Hr 15min    £43 

Standard Bikini   15min   £12

Extended Bikini   15min   £14

Brazilian   30min   £23

Hollywood   30min   £25

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