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Massages and Reflexology

Swedish Massage

A muscular massage to stimulate circulation, improve lymphatic drainage and relieve tired and aching muscles.

30 min             £28

45 min             £36

1 Hour             £44

1Hr 15min     £50

Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage using aromatherapy oils chosen and blended according to your needs.

30 min             £30

45 min             £40

1 Hour             £48

1Hr 15min     £56

Hot Stone Massage

A purifying, re mineralising and deeply relaxing treatment with heated basalt stones and aromatherapy oils. These heated stones are placed on the body, used to massage as well as a hands on massage.

30 min             £35

1Hr 15min     £60

Thai Compress Massage

This relaxing and uplifting treatment is carried out using steam heated compresses filled with 20 traditional Thai herbs and plants. The heat combined with the patting, rolling and kneading technique with the compresses is comforting, soothing and purifying.

30 min              £35

1Hr 15min     £60


By applying pressure to the soles of the feet, this complementary therapy helps to rebalance the body. ease tension and boost the immune system.

45 min       £37

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